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Website (CMS) creation proficiency

1. Recognizes key terms and can Launch awebsite
Can install wordpress and get it running - can apply standard theme - can install some modules)

2. Basic proficiency in customizing a simple website (wordpress/joomla point and click config)
basic custom theming on WP/Drupal - can do basic modifications to basic theme

3. advanced proficiency in customizing a simple website (drupal point&click/type config) - there is little that this person cannot due that doesn't require creating new code

4. Can create mid-level themes - some code required to pull in values but no truly new data or perspectives. Can get many modules to work in harmony together (some minor coding required) - this is the first level that requires knowledge of the programming language.
Drupal (customization is more than out of box but no extra modules) - includes much advanced theming

5. Can competently implement major solutions using pre-built packages (little new functionality)
full integration of additional (non-included) modules into Drupal - includes some code customization to get modules to play together but does not include re-writing modules

6. Can find conflicts between modules and do some basic re-writing to get them working together. Can identify general location of many bugs in modules but doesn't necessarily know how to fix them

7. Can competently implement major solutions including custom functionality (re-usability unknown) - includes quite a bit of custom coding
create brand new modules adding brand new functionality to Drupal - also includes major re-writing of modules to get them to work together.

8. Created 1+ medium+ packages or modules that are highly re-usable and properly integrated

9. Created Major Software Package that is highly reusable
Common module used to build others (UberCart) (UserPoints)

10. Created or significantly contributed to Major CMS or significant underlying technologies
Drupal core, CakePHP

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